frequently asked questions


What are signs that my plant has been overwatered?

• leaves yellowing and browning at the same time
• stem becoming squishy at the base
• fungus gnats in the soil
• wilting plant does not perk up within two hours after a thorough watering

What to do if my plant has been overwatered?

• gently remove plant from its planter
• gently remove the old loose soil and any squishy or rotting roots from the root ball
• clean out any old soil and/or roots left in the planter and throw away
• re-pot the plant into fresh potting soil and allow the soil to dry out before watering again to help prevent further root rot

How can I prevent overwatering?

• use your finger to dig into the soil to make sure the top couple inches (varies depending on size of pot) of soil are dry and dusty before watering
• make sure your plant is receiving enough sunlight to balance out the water you are giving it
• “when in doubt, drought” - with most plants, it is better to underwater than overwater
• we highly recommend using a sustee to help learn your plant’s desired watering schedule